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The Scenic Route
A Dynamic Blog

The Original “Kristy J”

I've been using technology and the web for so long that I was the original Not No. At HOTMAIL. Dot com. Do you realize how early an adopter you have to be in order to get  You have to be VERY early and VERY quick! I stopped using this email address…
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It Takes a Village to Run a Business

It Takes a Village to Run a Business I need to get this blog post out.  I need to finish an accounting project, schedule two phone calls, send out a quote for new services, and create a new graphic for a web page idea that's been floating around in my noggin for months. My kids…
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The Benefits of Cleaning Up Your Books

In continuing with our Clean Up theme, we've interviewed a client who made the right decision to clean up his books.  See his Q & A below: Q: How did you calculate income or make financial decisions before you cleaned up your books? A: On the fly.  The scariest part was that I never knew…
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Let’s Clean Up This Mess!

Get your books cleaned up now or spend your audit sweating bullets. It's everybody's favorite time of year!  Tax Time! Cue the crickets... Okay, okay, it's likely the most dreaded time of the year.  We check the glove box, the dashboard, purses, and wallets for crinkled-up receipts, barely legible from sitting in the sun.  We grab…
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